Wednesday, May 16, 2012

iOpen House

Tonight was the annual open house experience with the parents comparing their child's experience to my class, or shopping for next year's teacher. The good news is that my kids outnumbered all of them and were so proud to show off their work. As I was thinking about what to display tonight, I realized we didn't have as much of the traditional product we've shared in the past. We've gone digital! So tonight, we had an iOpen House prior to the frenzy.

We invited our families to come an hour early to allow the kids enough time to have their iPads out of the cart and show off all the things they've done. They showed their 6- word weekend movies, their ShowMe's demonstrating math solutions, the movies they are making for social studies and the books they are writing with ScribblePress.

Parents worried about their child introverting with technology realized that that was their father's Oldsmobile and kids these days interact with technology, not in spite of it.

We talked about the academy and our roles in evaluating process, value and product. We talked about the goal of 1:1 across grade levels and throughout the grade spans. We talked about the need to remain hi-touch while meeting the demands of a high tech world.

Overall, a very rewarding night.

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