Sunday, April 1, 2012

Classroom Rules for iPad Use

We hope to get our iPads this week. The kids came up with the following. Not sure if we will need to add to them or further define? Maybe too many?  Suggestions?

Room 7
iPad Rules, Ideas and Stuff

  • keep water bottles under desk
  • do the right app at the right time
  • only take over apple tv when invited
  • be gentle and DO NOT run with it
  • follow the Bagby Bee’s
    • Be Respectful
    • Be Responsible
    • Be Safe
  • return ipad to the cart and plug it in when not in use
  • Close it, and Walk. Close it, and Walk!


  • Mild (by the week)
    • 1st warning = $2 McC
    • 2nd warning = lose iPad for the lesson
    • 3rd warning = lose it for day
    • Final warning = lose it for 5 days
  • Serious
    • Lose it for day
    • Lose it for week
    • Lose it forever

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