Friday, October 11, 2013

Our First Mystery Skype - by Guest Blogger CaLa

written by student blogger, CaLa:

Our classroom had our first mystery skype with Mr. Salsich's class! If you're not sure what a "Mystery Skype" is, I'd be happy to tell you. A mystery skype is when two classes from a different place in the world, skype each other and ask yes or no questions to try and guess where the other class is. Our mystery skype was extremly noisy yet amazingly fun! 

Recorders documented the call.

Our class asked lots of great questions along with Mr. Salsich's class. It went pretty great and we new they were on the edge of finding out where we were. Soon after a really great question from them... they had guessed what state we were in! They were so happy! We asked away again.... We definetly got a lot closer to their state too. We got closer and closer and closer! Then, they got us! They found out we lived in San Jose!! Congrats fellow skypers! You were awesome! We absolutley loved skyping with you!

We all worked hard to figure out where they were. We each had a specific job and we learned a lot. We learned about geography, how to work together and how to solve problems. We learned that each job is important. Where in the world will we #mysteryskype next?
We used our iPads to look up information.

Getting good questions and answers!


They got us! We live in California. The were are questioners and answers... asking and answering questions from Mr. Salsich's class. But there is still more to go! More questions! :)
Hmm... What's the answer to this one? :l

ScoSch was a supervisor, helping to keep us on track.

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