Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Notes from Edmodocon 2013

I attended this free PD in a hybrid mode - part online, part live, thanks to an invite from +Jill Florant It was amazing and I learned even more about my BFF  +Edmodo .  I created a storify to gather my thoughts, since most of my notes were on Twitter or in the various Edmodo groups.  Each session had its own group, so that we could back channel and get access to resources from the presenters.  It was a great day and well worth the break from summer vacation/back to school planning!

After I got home, I listened to the last two sessions on my exercise bike, so no notes but there were some great ideas from the presenters. +Anna Davila had some creative ideas for building student leadership capacity including new student groups and student leadership groups on Edmodo, and using +Padlet  embedded into a message, to gather suggestions.  In addition to the earlier discussed Global Read Aloud, there were some other creative ideas for flattening the classroom and finally, Denise Yamashita had inspiring remarks as we closed out the day.

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