Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Bedley Bros' Research Communities

The past few days, some of us attended the CUE conference. 

This professional development was opportunity was wonderful and we wanted to share what we learned. So I'll be posting notes from the sessions I attended.

Using iPads to Build Research Communities in a Common Core Classroom

by the Bedley Bros - +Scott Bedley  and +Tim Bedley 
This standing room only CUE TIP was informative and engaging. It was a short presentation but packed with great ideas and examples. They talked about students can learn to research collaboratively. Tim discussed how students can delve deeper into a subject by using technology and their brains to mine reliable sources. Students were gives a topic to research and had to come up with consensus in their research community - (GLAD=>expert group)

Tim Bedley, is one of Riverside County's Teacher of the Year from 2013! He has some great info on his website about projects, his band links to some great classroom videos.  You can catch the Bedley Bros. #edchat which gives much of the information from the presentation. Tim also has an amazing band Rocking the Standards, check out their educational and entertaining songs

Their parting piece of advise, Leave your voice out! I am the last resource for feedback.

The session was time well spent, I just wish it had gone on longer!

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